Original Cam Rackam oil painting
Oil on Board + Upcycled Frame with hanging gear.
Made in 2020, signed on the back.
'HK45' measures 50" x 59" x 5"
Comes with Certificate of Authenticity from the Artist Studio

This is the original oil painting for The HK45. In late 2019, German gun manufacturer Heckler and Koch reached out to me, to make some art for their first handgun to be manufactured in the United States. I worked with their marketing team for two years, designing an "art gun".

The "art gun" was to be a limited edition series of fully operable 13/13 engraved HK45s, hand embellished canvas prints, a custom box, commemorative coin, and a laser etched certificate of authenticity. All of which was painted and designed by myself. The original painting was scheduled to be sent to the HK museum, and the "art guns" we're scheduled to be released in 2021. Upon the firing of the HK US marketing team, the "art gun" project was shuttered, the "art guns" sent to storage, and I kept the original painting. I was paid for the project, but disappointed the painting and guns never saw the light of day.

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